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  • “I like IDEA because it is easy for all the learners to use, even those with learning difficulties. IDEA Cloud is very good, especially their Science content. The videos are “Wow,” and the learners are just as excited as the teachers. It brings the global reality to the classroom.”

    Primary School Principal

  • “IDEA is very useful. It brings joy to the learners as they advance as a generation.”

    Early Childhood Teacher

  • “I love this IDEA program because I am a new teacher. I’ve tried to use YouTube videos to enhance my lessons, but now that we have IDEA, I will use all the information from this innovative product in my classes.”

    Grade 7 Science Teacher

  • “I have been using IDEA in my class for some time now and use a traditional approach with my learners who interact with the content on the smartboard. I think IDEA is a very good program that my learners really enjoy. The program is also syllabus-aligned which makes using it very easy.”

    Primary School Teacher

  • “Through aligning IDEA’s products with Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots’ global experience in environmental education means we can create an innovative and meaningful program for students to engage with nature.”

    Jane Goodall Institute

  • “IDEA is working hard to democratise education through technology by providing students and teachers with high quality tools and a global-best in teaching and learning.”

    Department of Education


Ages 4 - 7

Numeracy & Literacy

My IDEA is an avatar-led, numeracy and literacy learning adventure for Grades K-3. The gamified and interactive learning environments enable dynamic engagement for your child.

Primary & Secondary

Science, English & Mathematics

IDEA’s STEM product for Grades 4-12 integrates traditional e-learning content with formative assessments, filmed experiments, virtual laboratories, interactive 2D and 3D animations, diagrams, photographs, motion graphics and relevant case-studies. All IDEA content has been written to meet each national syllabus requirement.

Adults, Teachers & Leaders

Professional Development

IDEA Teach is an accredited professional development course. This tool is built on the latest in teaching and learning practice, and includes strategies for new teachers, expert educators and school leaders.

Teachers & Corporates

Digital Skills

IDEA ICT is an accredited solution for teachers, learners and corporate professionals. This tool is efficient in building entry, intermediate and advanced digital teaching and learning practices. With our user experience being flexible on various LMS systems and devices.



IDEA Tests are globally aligned, interactive assessments for all users. Our assessment tool provides a detailed report where the user can immediately access their results.



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