Identify letters from A to Z
Identify capital letters from lowercase letters
Identify and develop Phonic awareness (sounds) of letters and simple words
Identify the same letter in two words
Say the sound a letter makes
Say words that start with the same sound
Identify words that rhyme
Blend 2 sounds together to make words
Blend consonant and vowel words
Make rhyming consonant and vowel word groups


Trace and track left to right patterns
Discriminate between different word shapes and names
Sort pictures from letters
Discriminate between different letters
Sort letters from words

Reading Texts

Identify words in the environments
Listen and respond to stories
Retell familiar stories
Predict the next event in a story
Point to words as they are read
Use known letter sound relationships when reading
Use known sight words when reading
Read simple sentences correctly
Read with basic fluency
Answer literal questions about a story
Answer inferential questions about a story

Sight Vocabulary

Identify simple sight words like “I, see, the, like, A, said”
Read simple and recurring sight words
Understand the meaning of sight words


Engage in writing and tracing behaviour
Write letters and sight words correctly
Write consonant and vowel words
Write simple sentences by dragging and tracing


Addition & Subtraction

Add two numbers to find the total up to 100
Subtract a number from another number up to 100

Number Discrimination

Counting items from 1 to 1000
Making groups of objects up to 1000

Number Identification

Identify Numbers from 1 to 1000
Counting Numbers from 1 to 1000

Number Patterns

Knows the number word after a given number up to 1000
Knows the number word before a given number up to 1000
Counts forwards by 2, 5, 10 to 1000
Counts backwards by 2, 5, 10 to 1000

Shape Recognition

​Recognise and name circles, squares, triangles and rectangles
Recognises shapes in different orientations
Describes the features of circles, squares, triangles and rectangles