Planet Earth
The Sun
The Earth & the Sun
Rocket systems
The moon
Introduction to Astronomy
Our Solar System

Surface of the Earth
Sedimentary rocks
The Solar System
movements of the Earth and planets
The movement of the moon
Systems for looking into space
Systems to explore the moon and mars


Living and non-living things
Structures of plants and animals
What plants need to grow
Habitats of animals
Structures for animal shelters
Plants and animals on Earth
Animal Skeletons
Shells and Frames
Food chains
Life cycles

Nutrients in food
Food Processing
Ecosystems and Food webs
Introduction to Biology
Working Scientifically
The Biosphere


Materials around us
Strong frame structures
Solid materials
Strengthening materials
Metals and non-metals
Uses of metals
Processing materials
Processed materials
Introduction to Chemistry
Working Scientifically in Chemistry
Properties of Materials

Separating Mixtures
Acids, bases and neutrals
Introduction to the Periodic table of Elements
Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Solutions as special mixtures
Processes to purify water
Mixtures and water resources
Solids, liquids and gases


Baseline Quiz
The White Cap of Kibo – Folklore
Kings of the Road – Poetry
Fly – Song
My Trip to Mozambique
The Escape – Radio Play
Wondrous Water – Infographic
Beside Them – Poetry
Above it all – Newspaper
Eka the Brave
Weather Report
Novel – Lara the Yellow Ladybird
Video Game: Poster
Rainbow Cloud
A Friend’s Dialogue
The Unlikely Hero – Story
My Mother, Superwoman – Short Story
The Anniversary – Personal Recount
Global & Digital Citizens – Newspaper
A Tiny Seed
Mt Kilimanjaro – Informational text
I’m Driven – Poem
Myth: Why Leonard Gave Up the Hunt
Sounds of the Township – Poetry
Interview with a scholar

Information Report
Recipe for Success – Instructional text
Can It Get Any Better – Poem
Chinua the Great – Folklore
Day by Day – Newspaper
The IDEA School – Persuasive Writing
Uhuru Day – Non-fiction Narrative
Pangolin for the Day – Short Story
Google Maps – Directions
Alice through the Looking Glass – Novel Chapter
School Holidays – Play Script
Marvellous – Poetry
What is Matter? – Instructional Text
The Hare and the Tortoise – Short Story
Spread of Technology
Back and Forth – Novel
Memories of a Maroubra Kid
Speak Out: Radio Drama
Urbanisation-Opinion Editorial
My Life: My family & friends
Science and Technology: Social Media
The Environment and the World Around Us: Trees, Water, Weather
Health and nutrition: Sports and Sporting Stars
Genres: Stories
Genres: Scripts, Dramas and Social Awareness
Further Reading


Whole numbers
Patterns and algebra
Space and shape
Data handling
Patterns, functions and algebra
Space and shape
Construction of Geometric Figures
Geometry of 2D Shapes
Geometry of Straight Lines
Common fractions

Functions and relationships
Area & Perimeter of 2D shapes
Surface Area & Volume of 3D objects
Numeric and Geometric Patterns
Algebraic Expressions
Algebraic equations
Transformational Geometry
Geometry of 3D Shapes
Collect, organize and summarize data
Represent data
Interpret, analyse and report data


Energy and Energy Transfer
Energy Around Us
Movement energy in a system
Energy and sound
Stored energy in fuels
Energy and electricity
Energy and movement
Systems for moving things

Electric circuits
Electrical conductors and insulators
mains electricity
Introduction to Physics
Safety in Physics
Revision: Energy Around Us
Working Scientifically in Physics